Best Methods For Back Acne Relief

Acne on the back, commonly called bacne, is a big problem for many people. Unlike facial acne that is typically associated with adolescence and often fades with age, many individuals do not develop back acne until adulthood without any end in sight to their embarrassing and often uncomfortable problem. To make matters worse, back acne often is more severe than acne on the face and is more likely to result in scarring.

Fortunately, there are some home treatment options for bacne that can provide users with relief. In fact, the same home acne treatments that work for facial acne work for back acne as well. The biggest difference is the actual mechanics of cleansing the back and applying lotions as it is much more difficult to clean and apply cream to your back than it is to put cream on your face!

How to Clean Your Back to Prevent Bacne

This may seem like an odd topic, but the truth is most people do not have a good care regimen for their back. The reason is that the back is hard to reach, so people tend to use wash cloths to reach the hard to access areas of their back. The problem is that wash cloths are really abrasive and may irritate particularly severe back acne.

Instead, consider getting a non-abrasive back scrubber. You can get a two-sided one on Amazon for a very low price. You can apply the same acne cleanser you use for your face to one of these back scrubbers and use that to clean your back.

After showering, make sure you do not scrub your back too hard with your towel. Instead, pat your back dry.

Applying Acne Treatment Creams for Bacne

The trickiest part to dealing with back acne is getting a good acne cream that contains benzoyl peroxide onto your back. The back is a large area so it is very easy to miss spots if you are just trying to use your hands. A lot of people cannot reach all spots on their back as well.

The solution here is to get a lotion applicator. You can get a great one on Amazon for a couple dollars by clicking here. Lotion applicators are really inexpensive method of using acne treatment creams on your back. Just put the cream on the applicator and spread it in a very thin layer over your entire back. A lotion applicator quickly pay for itself due to the amount of benzoyl peroxide cream you save by using an applicator rather than trying to spread the lotion with your hands.

Warning About Benzoyl Peroxide for Back Acne

While benzoyl peroxide works great for back acne, it can bleach clothes if the cream touches your clothes before it dries. If you put a layer of benzoyl peroxide on your back and then immediately get dressed, you will wind up with a big bleach mark on your shirt!

You have two options here: let the cream dry fully before getting dressed (may take 15-30 minutes) or to just put on a white shirt as your first layer of clothes to protect your other clothes. Benzoyl peroxide turns things white, so there is no risk to a white t-shirt!

While both of these options work, sometimes you may not have time to wait for the cream to dry or may not want to wear a white t-shirt. In these situations, I just skip the benzoyl peroxide treatment. From experience, I find I do not need to use benzoyl peroxide every day for my back acne (unlike facial and neck acne). After an initial phase of daily use, 1-3 times per week is plenty for maintaining clear skin on my back. On days when I am busy and in a rush, I just skip the treatment. Only when I have time to allow it to dry or am able to put on a white t shirt do I actually use this treatment. Of course, your individual results may vary.