Best Home Acne Face Wash

Choosing a good facial cleanser is very important in the reduction of acne. For best results, you should wash your face twice per day with a cleanser – first in the morning and then again at night. In this article, you will discover what to look for in the ingredients list of a good cleanser, what ingredients to avoid, and our recommendation for the best cleanser.

Avoiding Alcohol Based Cleansers

Many cleansers use alcohol as their primary ingredient instead of water. You want to avoid these cleansers as they can significantly dry out the skin and cause irritation. Always opt for a cleanser that has water or purified water as the #1 ingredient on the ingredients list.

Avoid Lauryl and Laureth Sulfates

Another group of chemicals you want to avoid are lauryl and laureth sulfates. These are added to facial cleansers because they are foaming agents. Sodium lauryl sulfate is the most common sulfate you will see on the ingredients list. Water and alcohol do not actually produce lather or foam on their own (soap lathers naturally).

Due to lack of foaming, consumers using a water-based cleanser often mistakenly perceive that because a water-based cleanser does not foam much, it is not cleaning the skin. Product manufacturers get around this by adding lauryl and laureth sulfates to their cleanser. These foam very easily, giving the cleanser the appearance of being more effective.

Unfortunately, foaming agents do not actually increase the effectiveness of a cleanser. To make matters worse, these foaming agents are actually big irritants and can cause acne in their own right! The foamy cleanser you are using may actually make acne worse! It is all an illusion designed to sell more products. Be sure to avoid these ingredients when you see them on an ingredients list.

When to Use a Home Acne Face Wash

For best results, you should use your facial cleanser twice a day, once before bed and once in the morning. Be sure to remove your make-up before using your cleanser so that it can penetrate deep into all of your pores. When cleaning the face with a cleanser, do not scrub your face. Instead, use your hands to gently wash your face and pat your face dry with a towel. Scrubbing and aggressive drying may irritate the skin and make things worse.

Your cleanser should be used immediately prior to putting on any other acne treatments. If you are using a kit like the Exposed Acne kit recommended below, you always want to use the facial cleanser first before applying the treatment creams that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Using your acne face wash will clear up the pores and allow the treatment creams to penetrate deep into your pores.

Best Acne Face Wash: Exposed Skin Care Cleanser

Our recommended facial cleanser is the Facial Cleanser from Exposed Skin Care. This is a water-based cleanser that has been carefully crafted to avoid any ingredients known to irritate the skin or cause acne. You can order the cleanser individually as well as part of a kit that also includes home acne treatment. The best price is available through their website here:

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