Best Overnight Acne Remedies

When a bad pimple strikes before an important event like a big date or interview, you may be desperate to get overnight relief so that you can go on with your life without worrying about how bad your acne looks. The plan below will detail exactly how you can make marked improvements in the appearance of your acne overnight.

Benzoyl Peroxide as an Overnight Acne Remedy

If you want your acne to noticeably improve in just one day, you have to use something other than just a cleanser. While cleansing is important, it does not actually destroy the bacteria that may already exist on your skin. Bad acne is caused at its root by a bacterial infection, so the home remedy you use must have antibacterial properties if you want your acne to look better in just one night.

The easiest home method for making acne appear better overnight is benzoyl peroxide. When applied to the skin, this compound reacts, forming an acid which can destroy bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. When applied, this substance is capable of rapidly improving the appearance of acne. While most skin care regimens require 30-60 days for completely clear skin, many people at least notice a significant improvement after just one night of using benzoyl peroxide.

Steps to Take Before Application

Before applying a gel or cream that contains benzoyl peroxide, there is some prep work involved. Namely, you need to clean your face with a good acne face wash. Make-up, sun tan lotion, natural skin oils (sebum), dead skin cells, and dirt can all block pores, which is where acne occurs. If the pores are fully or partially blocked, the benzoyl peroxide may not be able to penetrate deeply enough into the pore to be fully effective.

Another supplemental treatment option is to use an additional wash of salicylic acid to completely clear off any dead skin cells, sebum, or debris that may still remain after washing the face. This can help improve the effectiveness of the benzoyl peroxide cream, making the relief from a single night of treatment more noticeable.

A Note on Make Up and Suntan Lotion

Both suntan lotion and make-up are a part of many people’s lives, but they can both also cause acne. I am not going to advise you to not use these products as both are very important to an individuals quality of life, particularly those with fair skin (suntan lotion) or women (make-up). With that said, there is still a certain procedure that should be followed to minimizing the impact of these compounds.

Cleansing your face is always the first step. Next, apply your acne treatment of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. After that has absorbed (or washed off, depending on the product), you can apply make-up. Finally, apply any sun tan lotion. Sun tan lotion should always be applied last.

At night, especially if you are seeking overnight acne relief, wash your face with your cleanser and apply your benzoyl peroxide last. If you use a moisturizer, apply that last after your benzoyl peroxide has completely dried. Be sure your skin has dried fully before laying down if you are seeking overnight acne relief – if the treatment rubs off on your pillowcase or sheets, it will not be very effective!

Speaking of your pillowcase and sheets, another great acne tip for overnight relief is to regularly wash your pillowcase and sheets. A dirty pillowcase can push dirt, dead skin cells, and oils into your pores, making your acne worse even in just one night. Having clean linens will improve the effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide for getting rid of acne overnight.

Our recommended acne kit for fast acne relief is the skin care system provided by Exposed Acne. The extended kit contains a good cleanser, a salicylic acid wash-off tonic, and a spot treatment benzoyl peroxide cream. You can get their acne kits for the best price by ordering directly through their website.

To use the kit, first remove any make-up (if applicable) and then use the cleanser. After cleansing, use the salicylic acid tonic to completely ensure your pores are clear as this increases the effectiveness of the benzoyl peroxide cream. Once the pores are clear, you can then use the benzoyl peroxide cream to apply the treatment directly to each pimple that you want to improve. While it may take up to 30 days to get completely clear skin, performing this acne treatment regimen can result in noticeable reductions in acne overnight! Check it out below:

acne remedy overnight