Sage Extract for Acne Relief

Health-conscious consumers are always on the lookout for new and natural ways to reduce the appearance of acne as well as improve skin quality and tone. Sage extract represents an interesting natural method for improving acne. But does this compound really work?

There is evidence that sage extract can act as a natural anti-inflammatory. While it does not combat the bacteria that cause acne directly, by reducing inflammation, it can indirectly help prevent future breakouts as well as making current acne appear less severe.

Inflammation is the swelling, redness, and pain associated with pimples and zits that occurs ta the pore. Whiteheads and blackheads are just blocked pores – full blown pimples do not develop until inflammation is present. Obviously, any reduction in inflammation will lead to less redness, swelling, and pain, so this is a great benefit for all those looking for home acne treatment. Decreasing inflammation will also allow acne to heal faster as well as prevent further acne from developing. Inflammation may cause cells to swell, making pores more easily clogged.

An interesting revelation is that inflammation rather than acne may be the true root cause of acne. The idea is that inflammation can help create the low oxygen environments that allow the bacteria that cause acne to thrive. If inflammation is reduced, the environment ideal for the formation of acne bacteria may never exist, and the bacteria may never be able to reproduce themselves in large enough numbers to actually cause acne! Since sage extract can reduce inflammation, it can theoretically reduce the incidence of new acne formation via this mechanism.

While it is not likely to be a miracle cure, sage extract may be a good addition to your standard acne care regimen. I would not recommend a product that is based on just sage extract alone and replacing your current treatment plan however. You ideally want to try and find a product that uses sage extract just one of its ingredients and also includes the all-powerful benzoyl peroxide. There is no need to exclude the most effective treatment options like benzoyl peroxide just because you are adding sage extract to your skin care regimen. Rather than ditching the benzoyl peroxide, use a cream that combines both sage and benzoyl for best results.